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mardi 3 mai 2011

An Interesting Program in Jordan

The State Department has a lot of interesting programs in different countries around the world. Juan Cole mentioned the Arabic Book Program, whose mission is complementary to his Global Americana Institute project.

Believing that increased communication leads to increased understanding and respect, more translations can have a positive impact. Just as importantly, this program has a variety of activities designed for various groups. Relatively privileged English Literature students and refugee camp dwellers have different needs and interests, and it's encouraging to see that this program's organizers recognize that important fact.

2 commentaires:

Didite a dit…

p.s. Yes, this isn't about North Africa, but it's still relevant. North and West Africa are at the center of different and competing influences and could also benefit from increased communication and understanding.

ELY Mustapha a dit…

Hi, Didite,

You are Right, this post seems to have no link with North Africa.
But the earth is round. And it's even more true in political analysis.

In fact, as you single it out, there's competitive influences between eastern and western Arab countries. The Arab League is the perfect (and imperfect) mirror of that situation.

Do you know the famous saying about Arab countries
Dialogue during their periodic summits?

"They agreed to never agree."

Communication doesn't start yet.
Hope with your blog...